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Yo Gotti - That's Not Yo Bitch Lyrics

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...yea this some personal shit here nigga!
I'ma take it there...

You can kiss her, You can hug her
You can tell her that you love her to her face bro'
But that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg
Said, that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg

You can lick her, You can stick her
You can give it to her right all nite bro'
But that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg
Said, that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg

You can like her you can wife her
You can get married and fight her all nite bro'
But that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg
Said, that bitch ain't yo bitch dawg

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
I'm the same nigga off tha chain nigga
I get's paid to giving game to lame niggaz
I learned early way back in my younger days
Following my heart I fell in love at seventh grade
Late nite on the phone quality time king
Malco movie screens she was my queen
We was everything and I was so faithful
Fucked my homeboys and that was so hateful
I thought taped her
In denial and didn't wanna believe in the truth
man but they taped her
Made me strong so I can live with that
So I gotta thank that Andrea for that


[Verse2: Yo Gotti]
How many real niggaz can stand up and tell the truth
Lay it all on the line when they step in the booth
Not that many pimpin' close to any pimpin'
That boy Gotti a fool that's why I'm winning pimpin'
Nineteen-nintey-six I was moving bricks
Opened my heart back up and got another bitch
I changed that hoe life I copped that hoe ice
I showed that hoe wrong I taught that hoe right
And she was ride or die I seen her smile and cry
I sent that hoe to school I made her work nine to five
They kicked my door in they shot my bitch up
The cut my whole head they stole my white stuff
But she was still there cause she did not care
She's a soulja man she was so real
I asked her one day do you know dude there
She said hell naw man she said she swear
poseda been out of town I popped up in my home
Man it' was going down
And I ain't no damn fool
And it was clear to see she was fuckin the enemy
She made me strong and cold-hearted for that
Man I gotta thank Ranarda for that

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