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Yo Gotti - Killa Lyrics

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Picture me preforming in an orpheum
A poor, living in the orphanage, damn
What my future hold? only god knows
Thats why im staying prayed up, and ten towns
Down on these clowns mean-fug forwns turn em up side down
Let smoke out the pound of the kush
Presidential like bush, whoops I mean to Barrack
Its a coupe but it dont drop
Hard top killa

For I let another nigga disrespect my niggas, my hood, my family, I kill 'em
Fuck em, I don't feel em, when the beat drops nigga, gets realer

Any niggas can get it, any niggas can die
Any nigga can front like they real, any nigga can lie
Any nigga can make some money, only ganstas' survive
And everybody can be gansta but any nigga can try, killa

Fourth peela, west side, white ville, MCI, ??, 201
Out in mason, no two for one
85% percent of your time nigga
85% percent of your grind nigga
85% percent of you rap niggas just sit here n lyin' nigga
Now do what I do without trying nigga, killa

Open track, you hear the music? high hats, dont confuse it
Cocaine, yay talk, money bags, white chalk
Murder, bitch I said murder, pah pah pah
I swiss cheese your convertible
Have you ever heard of the million dollar
Nigga that ain't dropped in 48 months
Now that's the word of the, realest nigga in this shit
Fuck the rules I bend that shit
Fuck the record labels, mayne I'm in this shit to win this shit
I ain't on no gimic shit
All my ice in this shit
Ferraris, porsche, lambos, pass the new boy hear me shit
You got no consistency, pull up in some rental shit
1967 drop, yea I got some vintage shit
Yea I'm on some other shit, trying to get my brother rich
He been on that gudda gudda shit, you know that other shit
Now slow it down, speed it up, if your bitch open her legs
I'mma beat it up, killa killa killa head, bitch mouth game serious
Whatcha you say?

Flipping them pies, nigga I'm on it
I'm gotti george young of the game nigga
Who want it? a plug like Sosa and heart like tony
Its me against the world so you pussys' don't want it, killa


K stand for crazy
I stand for ignorant
I live large just some mars and all kinda shit(??)
I been through all kinda shit, apes, banana shit
You say you got goons, I got gorillas who be takin' shit
You be on some fakin' shit, cross ya man snakin' shit
Niggas keep it real and say they life, I swear I hate that shit
Why you on that phoney shit? Have to cross your homie shit
Putting bitches over ya niggas? homie, I ain't really on that shit

?? I'm giving up, 'fore a hater take my life, I'mma live it up
Killa, Killa, yea murder one, suspect, im the only one
Interrogation, 48, shit to say, Rodger Mason, we face to face
No co-defense, nigga I ain't snitchin', I know the business
Nigga ain't no witness
Cut off the mic
Cut off the lights
Dr. Dre's, Make sure they white
Stop the beat, pose, take a break
Breathe in the smells, then drop the bass
World Fair, section 8, lord help my people
See a brighter day, rich-crest apartments, real niggas
14, natural born killas, we choppa' spittas, we work gettas
1000 lbs of mid, 18-wheelers, truck-loads, murda murda, kill kill
If I don't sell a single record ima keep it real
Facts, nigga these are all facts
Went to school so cracked, got kicked out, came back
Shot at me, I bang back, .50 cal, aim that, blac blac blac, take that Killa

Album: Live From The Kitchen

Yo Gotti - Live From The Kitchen Album
Album cover for Live From The Kitchen by Yo Gotti released in
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