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YG feat. Jay 305 - Blame It on the Streets Lyrics

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Don't blame my mama
Blame it on the streets
Don't blame my liquor
Blame it on the streets

Shootouts in broad daylight, South Central zoo life
Young nigga goin' hard, hustle all night
Mama prayin', tellin' God I don't live right
Fuck right, go left, catch a damn strike
Felonies can't go to police
Probation catchin' cases, prayin' on my (static)
Lord, why they got me out this way?
Lord, I gotta buy another AK
Fresh out, I need money in the worst way
Get a job, hell nah, call my homie Ike
Told me, pull up, I'ma get you right
Diamond chain, gold ring, now I'm sittin' right
Like biz, bad bitch, real boss tie
Took a chance, now I'm ballin' off the street life
It's just in me, my nigga
Don't blame me, blame the ghetto, that's where I'm livin', my nigga

Don't blame my mama
Blame it on the streets
Don't blame my liquor
Blame it on the streets
Don't blame my mama
Blame it on the streets
Don't blame my homies
Blame it on the streets

Aye I'm a West Side, Tree Top gang member
Don't blame it on my mama, don't blame it on me
Yo those fades I done took, peoples' safes I done took
And if I caught up with this shit, I'm gettin' booked
Oh, oh no, I don't wanna go to jail
But if I got to I swear to God I won't tell
Hit the bounty nigga, you ain't gotta take no fade for me
Phone call, [?], nigga I can spread for weeks
My pops mad at me, my mama all worried
So she bail me out, typical black male story
Her friends wasn't supportin' 'cause they know I'm in the streets
I told her,don't blame it on my mama, blame it on me
I got Piru [?], where I'm from, that's regular
I don't do enemies and I don't talk on a cell
And mama asked why I sag and talk with so many Bs
No questions, mama, blame it on the streets

What's happenin'? West Side, Jay 305, I'm demanding respect
You got a problem with that, I 'on't know what to say
Blame it on the streets
Niggas like me only come once in a lifetime, nigga
So while you in the mothafuckin'
Presence of a gangsta, nigga
You better bow down and walk off

Album: Blame It On The Streets

YG - Blame It On The Streets Album
Album cover for Blame It On The Streets by YG released in
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Blame It On The Streets Lyrics
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Blame It on the Streets Lyrics
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