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Willie Nelson - Keep Me from Blowing Away Lyrics

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Well, I spent my whole lifetime
In a world where the sunshine
Finds excuses for not hangin' 'round

I squandered emotion
On the slightest of notions
And the first easy loving I found

But soon all of the good times
The gay times and play times
Like colors run together and fade
Oh Lord, if you hear me
Touch me and hold me
And keep me from blowing away

There are times when I trembled
When my mind remembered
The days that just crumbled away

With nothin' to show
But these lines that I know
Are beginning to show in my face

Oh Lord, if you're listening
I know, I'm no Christina
And I ain't got much coming to me
So send down some sunshine
And throw out your lifeline
And keep me from blowing

Oh Lord, if you hear me
Touch me and hold me
Keep me from blowing away
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