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[Intro: Planet Asia]
Something sorta special... powerful

We got chu (got chu), we got chu (let's get the)
We got chu (party), we got chu (started)
Let's do this, let's do this
Let's do this, get this started noooow
(A one, two)
Let's do this, let's do this
Let's do this, get this started

[Planet Asia]
Emcees just get your bars up, believe I spit the deadliest poems
Steady in zoned, I cock back ready and stoned
Slap box rap, heavy and armed, relax ock
It's hardball on the blacktop, throwin them bows
So lo and behold, the honorable As' rap
Phenomenal competition, I flatten rappers out like ham bones
Ya crew cut characters contain something other than first of all
My hip-hop is straight from the gutter position we left
Instantly anticity shows
Officially spittin until I turn officially gold
And it's the hunger that I be gettin me over
Just when I expose the most outlandish to my folder
Book binder, somethin that I took some time on
To cultivate the masses with these gold chain sciences

It's Flii styles with the terrible parables
Pillage a whole village with pistol-grip paragraphs'll stare at you
Foolin with the vocal vigilante dog, please
My style's master, your style's asthma, breathe
Hardcore boy, I ain't givin up no dap
Head peasier than pubic naps wit stupid raps
Who could rap? Bring that ass here to me
Asia hangin them over the bridge like Nino from New Jack City
Who's that, kiddies? Nice and pretty witty, they can't get wit' 'ii
Titanium wrecking ball flows, slaughter my foes
Case closed, mouth closed, I don't wanna hear no babble
It sounds like a blisha-blasha-blah
See they listen to us cause you were never enough
And I'ma hit the people with the game on 'ii
If I don't represent the town, shame on me

We got chu (got chu), we got chu (got chu)
We got chu (party), we got chu (started)
Let's do this (do it), let's do this (do it)
Let's do this, get this started now
Let's do it do it, let's do it do it
Do it do it, do it, and do it do it
Let's do this (do it), let's do this (do it)
Let's do this, get this started
Let's do it do it, let's do it do it
Do it do it, do it, and do it do it

[Asia]: Hey, yo Flii, you the illest
[Flii]: Man Asia, you the realest
[both]: Put us both together it's the ultimate
We came to give the party people what they 'posed to get
[Flii}: Live worldwide, why you makin local hits?

On the block I still post with kids
Have 'em on my street time
On some gold chains, poster biz

Wow, now that's real marketing
Spark the meeting with the label to stablely enable hits

Major events, daddy rich lay in the tent
Playin the hit, relayin this for ladies and gents

Relentless with this prolific, so we said what we meant
We live what we did, we leave, it's weird, do it again

[Asia] (Flii)
So next time come through with your mens (you and your kin)
Slick with the mic, could have you slide through in the Benz

[Flii]: Slick with the talk and how you scoopin her and her friend
[Asia]: Extermin these plans for currency insurance and gems
[Flii]: Knowledge Wisdom, they got it with them, recitin the hymns
[Asia]: Enlighten the men, mic fight writin with them

Tight with the pen, ballpoint the thoughts that we think
You gotta feel it, it's sorta like we live in the ink, we got chu~!


{ti od ti od dna, ti od, ti od ti oD
Ti od ti od dna, ti od, ti od ti oD}
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