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It's not about a salary, it's all about reality
I'm all in the academy, exposin all the fallacies
Not who other rappers be, FEW can go on after me
I know the city's trappin me, watch 'em like my calories
Cats that wanna battle me, they learn of the catastrophe
Don't bring your rappin back to me
NEVER will you ever challenge me with what you chat to me
SEALED is my anatomy, I do it lyrical mastery, KRS - OH!
The time has arrived as your wake up call
When I'm rhymin, I'm obliged to shake up all
It be a claat, this will drop the mic and take a ball
Too many part-time rappers that fake and stall
When you see KRS, you will say I'm tall
Cause no I don't take shorts, not at all
Philosopher, not some trick in the mall
{Before rock met rap, I was sicker than all}
I MASTERED THIS! FEW rappers goin after Kris
Thirteen albums, you do the math on this!
Obviously, knowledge you have to get
What the ignorant don't know, hell they'll laugh at it
All my college students you know you have to get
Your receipt, I mean degree, it's only facts I spit
Take it, cause everyone ain't gonna make it
If you're hearin my voice, you have a choice now TAKE IT!

[Chorus: Will.I.Am (KRS)]
Just take it, you need it
We got way more in store, believe me
Consume it, {inhale} breathe it
Just take it, you need it
We got way more in store, believe me
Consume it, {inhale} breathe it

I rhyme, for the inner-city
No I don't ask for no praise or no pity
I got the power, you want to stay with me
Further down this lyrical road, it gets tricky
Stay with me! A different type of rapper emceein
Seeing is believing but believing is seeing
And seeing is agreein with the truth of your higher being
So when I'm rhymin, I take time with the minds I'm freein
The teacher is teachin, the student is seekin
Them hookers be creepin instead of a book on the weekend
I'm lookin to nukin 'em all in the dust
They reject knowledge and without the anointing, you rust
Laugh if you must, but trust that I see you naked
You need what I'm givin, but you front and you fakin
So like I stated, everybody ain't gonna make it
But if you're hearin my voice, you have a choice now TAKE IT!


I'll keep on bringin it, singin it 'til your ears is ringin
And steamin, gleamin the dream and true emceein with meaning
And see men, we all fiendin for the cream and the screamin
A demon got us believing screamin rhymin for NO reason!
Every weekend we weaken, discipline is what we needin
But we too busy freakin to understand divine speaking
KRS and BBE, with Will 1X and Phife Dawg, you'll see me
OH!! OH!! It's the real hip-hop
KRS-One, shout out to Scott La Rock
We do it from here to there, every city, every block
And now it's about time we STOP!
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Written By: C. Parker, Will Adams