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Wale - The Chess Match Lyrics

So you find it's a chess game.
Except in this chess,
The board is made of water that's just flowing,
And all the chess pieces are smoke.
You can make all the moves you want,
They will not affect the outcome, yeah

In the grand scheme of life we like pieces on the board
Look inside yours, you a king, or a pawn?
I came from a scene where the kids on water
God forbid they see five, get your things, hit the border
Like a Sicilian defense
Go ahead and play silly, you'll get billy clubbed to death
Welcome to the city, ain't no sympathy for rats
Where the whites move first and you go second, 'cause you're black
Was it Rayful, was it Raegan, did the 80's hold 'em back?
This is no connect four but blood spilling for connects
Years later niggas still up in that trap
Thank God that a nigga had that rap
'Cause after school, played that corner like a rook
That's when niggas getting book, out there tryna get their last move
He gon' need that check mate
And every night they take L's straight to the face
Let's play
Published By: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Olubowale Victor Akintimehin