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Vince Staples - TAKING TRIPS Lyrics

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(Yeah, uh) trippin'
(Yeah) trippin'
(Trippin') trippin'
(Trippin', huh, yeah, yeah) trippin'

Yeah, listen, I ain't going, riding foreign (listen, nah)
Riches, off of touring, call ignoring (yeah)
Missions, miss my brothers, die for colors
Quidditch, catching snitches, do him vicious (yeah)
Living, Like Khadijah, quick to leave her
Just because, like Anita, she in love
But it's leisure, real around the corner bleeder (nah, nah, Northside)
Bounce out on 'em on Artesia, now he got amnesia (ay, where you from Cuz?)

(Yeah) trippin'
(Trippin') trippin'
(Trippin', huh, yeah) trippin'
(Yeah) trippin'
(Yeah, yeah) trippin'
(Ay you trippin', yeah) trippin', yeah
(Trippin') trippin', yeah

I ain't gon' lie (nah), always been the one to cuff (uh-huh)
I ain't gon' lie, sometimes I hit it once and them I'm stuck (aw, yeah)
I ain't gon' lie (nah), no you not the only one
I ain't gon' lie, she only want me 'cause I money touch
I hate July, crime is high, the summer suck (sheesh)
Can't even hit the beach without my heat, it's in my trunks
They ride the tide (yeah), I don't got no one trust
Trust and believe I see the shit that's up your sleeves

Come fuck with me, we living fast as SRTs, uh (hundred on the dash)
Don't come for me unless GoFundMe what you seek, yeah
They lighting candles on the curb they not diptyques (nah)
My hood impatient so be weary if it's beef (yeah)
Pull up location is the belly of the beast, yeah (ay, pull up)
This shit get deadly, hope you ready to decease, yeah
(Ay, rest in peace, nigga)
It's just you and me (you know it)
Pay me what you owe, this shit ain't free, nah

But I was supposed to go straight home from school
I just couldn't refuse
I knew I was doing the wrong thing
But I guess it was more important to be accepted by the guys
Than anything else

(Yeah) trippin'
(Trippin') trippin'
(Trippin', huh, yeah) trippin'
(Yeah) trippin'
(Yeah, yeah) trippin'
(Ay you trippin', yeah) trippin', yeah
(Trippin') trippin', yeah

Knew that the fellas in the gang weren't the greatest
But I didn't wanna be left out
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Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Doris Bright, Kenneth Charles Blume III, Monte Booker, Vincent Staples