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The Who - (I'm A) Road Runner [Previously Unreleased Track] Lyrics

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Money, who needs it
Let me live a life free and easy
Put a toothbrush in my hand
Let me be a travelling man
I'm a roadrunner, baby
I'm a road runner baby,
Can't stay in one place too long
I'm a road runner,
You might look at me
And I'll be gone
Well you can love me if you wanna
But I do declare
When I get restless
I got to move somewhere
Yes, I'm a road runner baby,
Anywhere is my home
And I love the life I live
And I'm gonna live the life I love
Roadrunner baby
Roadrunner Roadrunner
Don't want no woman to tie me down
Gotta be free baby to roam around
All my life I've been like this
You can love me at your own risk
When the dust hits my shoes
I got the urge to move
'Cause I'm a road runner baby,
Gotta keep on, keepin' on
And I live the life I love
And I'm gonna love the life I live
Roadrunner baby
Roadrunner Roadrunner

Album: Who's Next (Deluxe Edition)

The Who - Who's Next (Deluxe Edition) Album
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(I'm A) Road Runner [Previously Unreleased Track] Lyrics
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