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The Who - Face the Face Lyrics

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We've got to face the face
You must have heard the cautionary tales
The dangers hidden on the cul-de-sac trails
From wiser men who have been through it all
And the ghosts of failures spray-canned up on the wall
We've got to judge the judge
Got to find the finds
We've got to scheme the schemes
Have to line the lines
We must stake the stakes
And show the shown
We must take the takes
And know the known
Try to place the place
Where we can face the face
Face the face, got to
Face the face
You must have tried and the defied belief
Maybe found futility in insular grief

I need your hunger just as you need mine
A million appetites can swallow up time
We've got to fool the fools
And plan the plans
We must rule the rules
Got to stand the stands
We must fight the fight
And fall the falls
We must light the light
And call the calls
We must race the race
So we can face the face
New York! Chicago!
London and Glasgow!
Keep looking!
Keep on cooking
Keep on looking
Gotta stay on this case
Study the picks
Watch the fix
We've got to find the face
Try to place the place where we can face the face
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