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The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley - Let's Lay Together Lyrics

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La Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da.... Hey Yeh...Oh
Your Body's Warm, But You're Still Unsure
I'll Have You Know That I Have The Perfect Cure.... Yeah
Step In My Room And I'll Take Your Fears Away
Put Your Trust In Me And All That I Say
Tell Me Can We Lay- Ay eee


Let's Lay Together
Ooh Hoo Baby
Let's Lay Together
Tell Me Can We Lay- eee
Let's Lay Together
Lay Ay Ay Ay... Yeah Oh Baby
Let's Lay Together
Ooh... Oh Hoo Oh Hoo

Heaven's To Blame For This Love Affair
Feels Good To Know Love Will Always Be There...Baby
You Took My Heart And Made Such A Sexual Burning Flame
Let's Love Tonight, Straight Into The Day
Can We Lay

Chorus To Fade
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