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The Cure - Cut Here Lyrics

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"So we meet again!" and I offer my hand
All dry and English slow
And you look at me and I understand
Yeah it's a look I used to know
"Three long years and your favorite man
Is that any way to say hello?"
And you hold me like you'll never let me go

"Oh c'mon and and have a drink with me
Sit down and talk a while..."
"Oh I wish I could and I will!
But now I just don't have the time"
And over my shoulder as I walk away
I see you give that look goodbye
I still see that look in your eye

So dizzy Mr Busy, too much rush to talk to Billy
All the silly frilly things have to first get done
In a minute sometime soon, maybe next time, make it June
Until later doesn't always come

It's so hard to think "It ends sometime
And this could be the last
I should really hear you sing again
And I should really watch you dance"
Because it's hard to think
"I'll never get another chance
To hold you to hold you"

But chilly Mr Dilly, too much rush to talk to Billy
All the tizzy fizzy idiot things must get done
In a second, just hang on, all in good time, won't be long
Until later

I should've stopped to think, I should've made the time
I could've had that drink, I could've talked a while
I would've done it right, I would've moved us on
But I didn't, now it's all too late
It's over, over
And you're gone

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so much

But how how many times can I walk away and wish "If only"
But how many times can I talk this way and wish "If only"
Keep on making the same mistake
Keep on aching the same heartbreak
I wish "If only"

But "If only"
Is a wish too late

Album: Mixed Up (Deluxe Edition)

The Cure - Mixed Up (Deluxe Edition) Album
Album cover for Mixed Up (Deluxe Edition) by The Cure released in
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Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Robert James Smith, Roger O'Donnell, Perry Bamonte, Jason Toop Cooper, Simon Johnathon Gallup