The Chainsmokers feat. NGHTMRE - Save Yourself Lyrics

I should have known what I started
You should know where your heart is
But I don't, I won't be a part of
Expectations when I grow up

So call it what you call it
But I just won't be afraid of myself
'Cause I know that I got it
I won't give it up just to save myself

One, two, three
One, two, three

I hit it 'till it's hollow
It's your pride you should swallow
But I won't, I'm not one to follow
I won't explain all the things I love

So call it what you call it
I'll be the first one to blame myself
'Cause I know I get caught up
I won't give it up just to save myself

One, two, three
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Written By: Alexander Pall, Andrew Taggart, Tyler Marenyi