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The Chainsmokers feat. Priyanka Chopra - Erase Lyrics

Another week ends since you've been gone
It doesn't feel like its been that long
But I guess it gets better everyday
Yeah, yeah
My head is heavy, my mind is numb
I found myself in a stranger's arms
'Cause I just want to make it fade away
Yeah, yeah

My heart is a broken machine
Need you to come set me free
Keep on playing the music, baby
Keep on playing the music, baby
Erase erase
(Erase) take it all away
Erase erase erase erase

I see you calling, I don't respond
And now I feel like I am right where I belong
And I am ready for a change
Yeah, yeah
What doesn't kill me, will make me strong
Just turn it up and then nothing's wrong
'Cause I can just keep dancing through the pain
Yeah, yeah

My heart has been called out at last
I feel it come back to life
Keep on playing the music, baby
Let's all get me to the truthest, baby (erase)

I wanna dance till I can't feel nothing at all
I wanna dance till I can't feel nothing
Erase erase erase erase
Take it all away
I wanna dance till I can't feel nothing at all
I wanna dance till I can't feel nothing
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