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Tech N9ne feat. Paul Wall, Popper - Get the Fuck Outta Here Lyrics

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Get the fuck outta here
Get the fuck outta here
Get the fuck outta here

I'ma spitter, you other cats be on littler
That's probably why you just penny pushing and I'm bigger
So you hate on me 'cuz you like paper and I'm gritter
With two Biancas up on my arms like John Ritter

Oh my goodness, is they talking shit again
When I been player on the day I become U.S. citizen
Haters keep wishen, I'ma take a lost but I'm finishin'
Killer but squirer just like Percy Miller no limits then
I aim for digits, 100% of my people came to get it
He used to be bigger but became a midget
Taken out of the game, livin' lame he lived it
So he gotta hate on the next man, 'cuz he don't got the money
We left him on the bottom, now he the ex tech fan
Get the fuck outta my face, its you mistake I'm getting hotter sit and watch me expand
You take falls I take her and take drawls
And give you the which stall
They give me the mate call ( oh baby )
You yank tall
Love is me, but hates y'all
That's why I'ma take all, what pops in the great wall

If fraud is what your selling
Get the fuck outta here
When they lie you gotta tell 'em
Get the fuck outta here
If you steppin' to me wrong
Get the fuck outta here
You ain't gotta go home
Get the fuck outta here

Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Get the fuck outta here
Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Get the fuck outta here
Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Tell 'em what to do
Get the fuck outta here

I stay in the zone like twenty eights in a baggie
A veteran stands here a rookie niggas at his knees
Grab these shove middle fingers in the sky
Tell it like it is, when I rap so y'all identify
Start from the ground formulate an enterprise
Get outta here before u get punished and penalized
Ive been in fires to stay in this lane hommie
I swear when I rap, I say it ain't a thang phony
I'm icy, I'm shiny tho' I dont' got a chain hommie
Even when inside this booth I keep my thang on me
And when it rains homie, I don't complain hommie
Eliminate the cops so I don't have to strain hommie
I talks a bunch of shit the haters wanna flamethrow me
Rapper ain't got the balls or got a place they aims on me
Get the fuck outta here, tell em wall told ya
Popper a done deal, every one of your soft soldiers


I do this for my partner standing out there on the block
And do this for haters on the sideline at night
Despite what they saying I just cant seem to stop
Gettin' this guap, I gotta a lot, partner I'm almost to the top
I gotta cop new watch, fresh grill and new cloths
I'm trying to come back candy low, side ways on fours
I gotta that bread, it be the money ova these hoes
'Cuz my friends be turning to foes, and harsh words lead to blows
They be mad at me 'cuz I'm the shit, while they just shit
And I gotta off my ass and get it while they just sit
They upset 'cuz im getting bread while they layin' in bed
Even tho I started at the bottom I'm a hundred miles ahead
They still be talkin' dime on me try to slander my name
'Cuz I'm the main man, but they wanna watch it change
They hate me 'cuz they hate but please make no mistake
They know me but can't stop me 'cuz I'm Paul Wall the great

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