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Snoop Dogg - Ride 4 Me Lyrics

Ay, ay
What's up, lil' homie?
You? Big homie, what's goin' down? (Get in, nigga)
Right, this motherfucker fresh (yeah, ride with me, nigga)
I need ya to hit a corner with me
Let's do this
Yeah, nigga I know you like this, nigga
You gonna see a G one day (yeah, this some ol' gangsta shit right here)
Check this out though, lil' homie
I got this move for you, man
This sucker-ass nigga over here
Finna pull up on this nigga house right here
Nigga, stay right here
This nigga's a bitch, man
Yeah, you know that nigga, he from the hood
Nigga ain't kicking this shit
He got major, major chips (I'm tryin' to have a piece of that)
Check it out though
I want you to slide up to the door (right)
When this nigga open up the door, dawg
I want you to go and lay him down
This nigga ain't gonna do shit, he's a bitch
You the little homie
He can't do nothing to you, no way
That's on everything
Now go on in and handle that shit, lil' homie
I'm out here waiting out here on ya
It's done, Double-O-G
Be right back
Oh, shit!
Slow your motherfuckin' roll, nigga
Slow your roll (damn)
Published By: Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Ralph E. Aikens, Tyrone Crum, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Keith D. Harrison, Robert Jr. Neal, Roger Parker, Clarence Satchell