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Snoop Dogg - Interlude ["Checkin"] Lyrics

Oh shit, is, is that Snoop over there? Oh shit
(Fuck that nigga, bitch, my name is Sam Sneed, you better recognize)
Ayo, uh, I'm sorry, I just love that nigga
He is so fine, his music is so fucking dope (man, fuck that nigga)
Ayy, look Samuel, I gotta go pee, I'll be right back alright?
(Yeah, aight)

(Yeah, you know I'm just sliding)
(You know through the city, checking my game, you dig?) Oh shit
Yo Snoop, what's up Snoop? (Yo, hold on)
Hey, how you doing? (Yo, what's happening?)
Yo, Snoop, you know, I just love your shit
You are just so fine, and you- (ayo bitch)
(Bring your black ass back over, what the fuck's wrong with you?)
(Man, what's happening? Is that your nigga or something?) Ay
Look check this shit out, that nigga, he don't run me, okay?
I'm talking to you, let's- (yeah, what's up nigga?)
(What the fuck's wrong with you?) Man

Yo, nigga, what's happening fool?
You know the name of the game, yo' bitch chose me
Nigga, we can handle this like some gentleman
Or we can get into some gangsta shit
(Well what's up nigga?)
Have it your motherfucking way
(Well what's up?)
That's what's up, nigga
Published By: Lyrics © ENTERTAINMENT ONE U.S. LP, OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Calvin Broadus, Curtis Mayfield