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Smash Mouth - Satellite Lyrics

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I see you floating by me
I see a beautiful face
It's pointed straight up towards the smog
I know I know you feel me beaming
Can you sense my burning x ray vision
As you roll on by now
You must be gravitating
To the vibe I'm generating or maybe not ­yet
I have known you forever
You pushed the reset button on the counter of my heart
But you'll laugh at my advances
But still I've gotta chance it as I watch your dust
You do it You do it for me that's how I know that you are mine
I send out to you
Frequencies exceeding the speeding laws of sound
I extend out to you
The satellite that will orbit your mind until your down
That's how I know that's how I know
I'm the asteroid that will infiltrate your soul
That's how I know that's how I know
Speeding towards you burning out of control

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