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Smash Mouth feat. Ranking Roger - You Are My Number One Lyrics

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Hold me down, I'm gonna fly straight to heaven
Hold me down, don't ever let go
I've been around, you know I can't stay forever
And then I'll leave, I want you to know

When I'm finally gone I'm gonna be gone without a trace
There's a lot of good times ahead before we're done
And on top of my list of things before I leave this place
You are my number one

You can tell me lies, you know that I'd still believe you
Stay right here, don't move from that spot
I can't go, you know I'm afraid to leave you
Don't you know you're all that I got

I'm afraid if I go you might disappear behind the mist
And I'd rather be hung from a tree or shot by a gun
And of all of these things that matter here upon my list
You are my number one

You are my number one
I'm trying to make it clear
Trying to let you know
When you're afraid I'm gonna be there
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