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ScHoolboy Q - Sex Drive Lyrics

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Yo, I'm started up. Let's go
Dippin' through your solar system
Hopefully steal your heart, you be the victim
No I wouldn't share
Hey, I did the crime, now close your eyes
Let me ease your mind, I won't steer you blind
Came right on time, just keep behind
Let me guide the way, It's your lucky day
Let's fornicate, play the way that grown ups play
Teach you how to drive a stick baby girl it'll be okay
First gear, second gear, third gear, hell yeah
Panties droppin' I can treat her proper
Puff my pass in your ? let me be your doctor
I can please you right, let me give you live
Little CPR, can I use your car?
Metal to the floor, see you drive me hard
You's a superstar let me be your bodyguard
Wetter than tsunami, lord, Let me dive in
Through your tidal wave
Now be amazed

Scorpio, sex drive
Gemini, sex drive (Pisces)
Sex drive (Virgo)
Sex drive (Aquarius)
Sex drive (Saggitarius)
Let me be your sex drive
Satisfaction fills me up inside
Can you turn me on?
Be my sex right only if your sex is right
Can you cut me on?

As the world spins, we gain power
You stay on wet, you a stormy shower
Mind fuck you girl, undress you we can fuck for hours
Day and night, no rubbers we love this, no covers
Freak you with my tongue, you also go down where I'm hung
Open up, a chapter begun, we can build like a factory hun
? sits right on the sun
Solar eclipse as soon as I cum, soon as we cum
We cruise, you done won my heart over, how can we lose
From a fantasy to real life, you I choose
Came a long way from fuckin' friends we was due
Just me and you, ooh, just me and you
Never scared of commitment, see you my boo
We can get ghost, get lost, and the bond is true
Flying through the city, clouds, ?
Saying vows, fuck around and have a child


Break me down and build me up again
Love me 'til the sun comes up and then
We can fuck and fuck and fuck again

Break me down and build me up again
Love me 'til the sun comes up and then
We can fuck and fuck and fuck again

Album: Habits & Contradictions

ScHoolboy Q - Habits & Contradictions Album
Album cover for Habits & Contradictions by ScHoolboy Q released in
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