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Saweetie - High Maintenance Lyrics

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Uh, what you need girl? I need a hot boy
Six foot with six figures and a big toy
Heard he moving weight down south to Chicago, Illinois
And he need a college girl to account so I employ
'Cause I'm a five star chick doing five star tricks
Give him gifts all the time, I love his five star
Want a man with big, big bucks, money longer than my weave
My hair cost a lot, I'ma need a couple g's
Not a PlayStation, so do not play with me
'Cause I will black op a nigga who don't gain with me
See I'ma rider but nah I ain't a die
'Cause I wouldn't take a bullet for a nigga, that's a lie
And that's word to my mother, she the Filipino queen
And she hella high maintenance, I'ma get her what she need
That's some bling, that's some rings, man that's all on me
Clear her closet out and take her on a shopping spree

That's right

Album: High Maintenance

Saweetie - High Maintenance Album
Album cover for High Maintenance by Saweetie released in
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Written By: Diamonte Harper, Jonathan Smith, Max Gousse, Todd Anthony Shaw, Alex Christian Jean Petit