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Santana - Nowhere to Run Lyrics

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Night ain't a friend
It's black and so still
It waits like a cat
Then moves in for the kill
It casts its shadows high on the wall
It's givin' me no peace at all
Now you're gone
The pain goes on
You're so deep into me
Now I'm begging you to
Set me free

I've got nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
No way to stop
This hurt deep inside
That you gave to me
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to run

The sound of your voice
It comes in the night
It stays with me there
Until the light
When you say the words
That you said before

When you said you'd stay
You walked out the door
I can take the afternoon
But then comes the night
Instead I walk the floor
Till the light

[Chorus: x2]

Album: Shango

Santana - Shango Album
Album cover for Shango by Santana released in
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