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Rush - Open Secrets Lyrics

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It went right by me
At the time it went over my head
I was looking out the window
I should have looked
At your face instead

It went right by me
Just another wall
There should have been a moment
When we let our barriers fall
I never meant
What you're thinking
That is not what I meant at all

Well I guess we all
Have these feelings
We can't leave unreconciled
Some of them burned on our ceilings
Some of them learned as a child

The things that we're concealing
Will never let us grow
Time will do its healing
You've got to let it go

Closed for my protection
Open to your scorn
Between these two directions
My heart is sometimes torn

I lie awake with my secrets
Spinning around my head
Something that somehow
Escaped me
Something you shouldn't have said
I was looking out the window
I should have looked
At your face instead

I find no absolution
In my rational point of view
Maybe some things are instinctive
But there's one thing you could do
You could try to understand me
I could try to understand you
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