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Rod Wave - Stone Rolling Lyrics

Kodak Black - Gleerious Lyrics
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)

Uh, he's a rolling stone (mh), he's a rolling stone
Long as the wind blows, I'll be long gone (wind blows, long gone)
He's a rolling stone (rolling stone), he's a rolling stone (yeah, yeah)
Drive with many miles of roads and still can't find my (yeah, yeah, mh)
My home (oh, yeah)

I remember bein' a kid, I just wanted to travel (oh, yeah)
On my bed, writin' raps, thinkin' 'bout daddy (oh, my daddy)
Was in my cell, writin' raps, regrettin' my actions (my actions, yeah, yeah)
Like if I make it out this shit, I'm goin' straight to Cali
It's like I know my momma loved him, but I still hate him (oh)
Livin' life like a runaway and it's six years later
I said it and, no, I don't regret it (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just woke up on my tour bus, I don't know where I'm headed
I been out on my own since I turned eighteen
Packed my bags, hit the road, left to chase my dreams (my dreams)
Love livin' in the A when people knew me barely
Then my dream came alive, this shit got very scary (bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah)
I got so much and love for Houston, like it raised me
Me and Sauce in a Maybach gettin' faded
This don't feel right, nah, this shit feel crazy
Clutchin' on my pipe, don't even feel like I made it
I love Las Vegas (yeah), but that was before I was famous (ayy, yeah)
Look, I traveled across the nation, don't matter what state we in (we in)
People stop and stare and lookin' at us like aliens
I spent some time in Carolina, spent time in Tennessee
Is there a Heaven for a G? Where can I go to get some peace? (Yeah)
I wanna settle with my kids, buy a crib by the beach (by the beach, yeah)
No more Percs to ease to pain and no more drank to go to sleep, yeah

Uh, he's a rolling stone (yeah, yeah), he's a rolling stone (life of a rolling stone)
Long as the wind blows (life of a rolling stone), I'll be long gone (lone gone)
He's a rolling stone, he's a rolling stone (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Drive with many miles of roads and still can't find my (life of a rolling stone)
My home (can't find my home)

Yeah, yeah
My, my home
Life of a rolling stone, life of a rolling stone
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Written By: Georgia Rose Boyden, Joseph Boyden, Rodarius Green, Thomas Horton