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Rod Wave - Rockstar Heart Lyrics

Kodak Black - Because Of You Lyrics
Something's not clear and I fear
That you feel hurt, oh, that you
Can we talk 'bout love?
Just talk a little to me about your life

Spendin' all that money at the jewelry store
If they ain't do it for you, then who they do it for?
Hopin' that it make it more acceptable, whoa (yeah)
Okay, Hellcats (okay), on Hellcats
But this rental car get more mileage (yeah)
Finna sell the Maybach with no problem (yeah)
You know the backseat, it make 'em nauseous (uh-huh)
Copped the Rolls-Royce truck (yeah)
'Cause I felt like that bitch was gangsta
Hand on neck, hand on frontal (ayy, don't get it twisted)
Sex too good to give it to strangers, yeah ('cause I be on my shit)

What if I threw in the towel? (Okay)
All this rapper lifestyle, be as normal as I can be (as I can be, yeah)
Take of these clothes, no jewelry (yeah)
Could you still see my rockstar heart? (Yeah) Yeah, (yeah, yeah) yeah
My rockstar heart, uh, uh (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Rockstar heart

You know, I never really been hatin' on all that jewelry (yeah, yeah)
And all that, I was chillin'
But you know, I kinda felt like, you know
Don't, don't, don't, you now what I'm sayin'?
Don't, don't, don't, don't disrespect my mind, or
Under-underestimate me, you know what I'm sayin'
All this shit, I get all this shit (ooh, whoa, oh)
I still nothin', I still feel the same
The next time we go in the jewelry store
You tell me if that bitch don't like your friend (rockstar heart)
You tell me how this shit make you feel
And I saved up the hunnids off the ground and all that money
Go in the Gucci store and you tell me that bitch don't like your friend
Prayin' on me, and I know, I know that's what we do
You know, this the shit a nigga always wanted, I was broke
And I bought a million, I bought a million dollar mansion
Spend all the time in my apartment
You know, I ain't been in that bitch since October
It's crazy what we do to feel accepted by society, you know
You know the older I get, the more I, the more I
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Published By: Lyrics © Songtrust Ave
Written By: Rodarius Green, William Jerome Byrd, Ben Bull