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Rod Wave - Never Get Over Me Lyrics

Kodak Black - First Love Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You can run as far as you can, I'll still be there
Have you ever head the sayin', that real is real?
You can look anywhere (anywhere)
I done looked everywhere (everywhere)
I kept it so real with you 'cause I can't fake it, baby (fake it, baby)
Wear my heart on my sleeve, we have deep conversations
Come and vibe with me in whatever hotel I'm stayin'
Cryin', telling me all your dreams and your aspirations
It's crazy, how you got did in your past
I don't do no pillow talkin'
But I'm nothin' like yo' last
And we fly privately, this a whole 'nother class
Yo' pride what made you leave
When you knowin' this where it's at

Your attitude stuck up
Niggas got yo' head fucked up
Tell me if I'm lyin', do I ever cross your mind?
I been this way before I made it, baby, but, but
This twenty million later, baby
And by the time you hear this song
I'm gon' be longer than gone
Forever in your heart, always in your mind
Stuck in your thoughts, a mountain you can't cross

Uh, never get over me, I won't let you
Never get over me, I know
Never get over me, I know that you'll never, you'll never
Never get over me, I hope that you
Never get over me, I know
Never get over me, I know
Never, you'll never
Never get over me (yeah, yeah)
Never get over me, I hope that you
Never get over me, you'll never, you'll never
(Never get over me) yeah
That nigga slid that bih
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Published By: Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Marquise Archie, Neil Muglurmath, Nicky Kester, Rodarius Green, Samuel Liu, Thomas Horton