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Rod Wave - Fading Lyrics

Kodak Black - My Klik Lyrics
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(DMac on the fuckin' track)
Listen, What up?

Okay, lost in my thoughts, it feel like I done went crazy
Soon as he got famous, the walls started cavin'
Ain't nowhere to hide, a piece of mind what he chasin'
It's pain is his eyes, it's who he is, had to face it, yeah
Hurt me to find out that fame shit really some lame shit
I tried to remain with the ones I came with
I stay away from niggas, I know that they hatin'
They wanna trade places, yeah
'Cause I got these vultures at my neck
And all these hoes want my check
Every night I'm on the edge and I can barely get no rest
No, I can't get no sleep, I see death when I dream
Ain't no one to blame but his self (you know it's, it's, I be)
Yeah, yeah
Don't want no more fame, I'm cool
It might be strange to you, might be insane to you
But, soon

The music start fadin' and the lights will go down
You live in their hearts, but there will be no more crowds
Friends start fadin' and the leaves will turn brown
He's here for the moment, he'll only stay for the while

Stay for the while (yeah, yeah)
Stay for the while (yeah)
Just stay for the while
Stay for the while (yeah, yeah)
Stay for the while
Stay for a while
He'll only stay for a while, yeah
Love live the youngin'
Love live the youngin'
Love live the youngin'
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Written By: David H McDowell, Lukas Patrick Payne, Rodarius M Green, Sterling Van Reynolds, Thomas Horton