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Pet Shop Boys - DJ Culture Lyrics

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Imagine a war which everyone won
Permanent holiday in endless sun
Peace without wisdom, one steals to achieve
Relentlessly, pretending to believe
Attitudes are materialistic, positive or frankly realistic
Which is terribly old-fashioned, isn't it?
Or isn't it?

(DJ Culture) Dance with me
(DJ Culture) Let's pretend
Living in a satellite fantasy
Waiting for the night to end
(DJ Culture DJ D)

Let's pretend we won a war
Like a football match, ten-nil the score
Anything's possible, we're on the same side
Or otherwise on trial for our lives
I've been around the world for a number of reasons
I've seen it all, the change of seasons
And I, my Lord, may I say nothing?


Now as a matter of pride
Indulge yourself, your every mood
No feast-days, or fast-days, or days of abstinence intrude

Consider for a minute who you are (consider/who you are)
What you'd like to change, never mind the scars (change)
Bury the past, empty the shelf (bury the past)
Decide it's time to reinvent yourself (it's time)
Like Liz before Betty, she after Sean
Suddenly you're missing, then you're reborn
And I, my Lord, may I say nothing?


Wondering who's your friend (DJ
(DJ Culture) And I, my Lord, (une foix)
(DJ Culture) May I say nothing? (deux fois)
Living in a satellite fantasy
Waiting for the night to end (DJ Culture)
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