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Paul McCartney feat. Elvis Costello - Playboy to a Man Lyrics

You had your own way one too many times and now
You`re going to find out what it`s like
Just what it`s like, now you`re a mess
You wanted something you could never possess

You went your own way one too many nights
You treated her like some small oversight
What in the world makes her think that she can
Turn you from a playboy into a man

She`s going to make you suffer tonight
To turn you from a playboy into a man
And when you`re worthy of her then she might
Turn you from a playboy into a man

You thought you were the answer to her prayers
The perfect gift that every girl prefers
But that`s the trouble `cos every girl still thinks you`re hers
So there you are with your gold chains jangling
Your lucky charms and jewelry dangling
But when she saw you she turned and ran
To turn you from a playboy into a man

You couldn't see that the juvenile things you do
Would drag you down and now that the joke`s on you
You`re pretty cold you end as you start
When your facade isn't falling apart
So now you`re standing in your underwear
Well now you know just how it feels for her
You`re halfway there you know that she can turn you from a
Playboy into a man

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