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Paul McCartney feat. Joshua Homme - Lavatory Lil [McCartney III Imagined] Lyrics

Look out for Lavatory Lil
(Look out for Lavatory Lil)
You think that she's a winner
When she's cooking you your dinner
But she's really moving in for the kill
Lavatory Lil


Watch out for Lavatory Lil
(Watch out for Lavatory Lil)
She says it's hunky-dory
When she's telling you her story
But she really thinks you're making her ill
Lavatory Lil


If you saw it coming
You could look the other way
But it isn't easy
When she's rolling in the hay, mhmm

So much for Lavatory Lil
(So much for Lavatory Lil)
You think she's being friendly
But she's looking for a Bentley
And she'd rather go and swallow a pill
Lavatory Lil

If you saw it coming
You could get up off the track
Oh, it isn't easy
When she hits you in the back


Lavatory Lil
Lavatory Lil
Lavatory Lil
Lavatory Lil
Lavatory Lil

That's it for Lavatory Lil
(That's it for Lavatory Lil)
She's acting like a starlet
But she's looking like a harlot
As she's slowly heading over the hill
Lavatory Lil

Lavatory Lil
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Written By: Paul McCartney