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Paul McCartney - Golden Earth Girl Lyrics

Golden Earth Girl, Female Animal
Sings To The Wind, Resting At Sunset
In A Mossy Nest
Sensing Moonlight In The Air
(Moonlight In The Air)

Good Clear Water Friend Of Wilderness
Sees In The Pool Her Own Reflection.
In Another Woeld
Someone Over There Is Counting.

Fish In A Sunbeam,
In Eggshell Seas.
Fish In A Sunbeam.
Eggshell Finish.

Natures Lover Climbs The Primrose Hill,
Smiles At The Sky Watching The Sunset
From A Mossy Nest.
As She Falls Asleep She's Counting ...

Fosh In A Sunbeam,
In Eggshell Seas.
Fish In A Sunbeam.
Eggshell Finish.

Lyrics By Mickjagger43
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