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Paul McCartney - Dress Me up as a Robber Lyrics

Well you can dress me up as a robber
But I won't be in disguise
Only love is a robber
And he lives within your eyes
Ooo, ooo eee ooo

You can dress me up as a sailor
But I'll never run to sea
As long as your love is available to me
What do I do with a sea of blue?
Ooo, eee ooo, bah bah, bah bah bah

Dress me up
It doesn't make a difference
What you wanna to do
Whichever way you look at it
I'm still in love with you
If we go on forever
I may never make a change

Dress me up
And if I don't convince you
You needn't look too far
To see that I'm not lying
'Cause I love you the way you are
And what's the point of changing
When I'm happy as I am?

You can dress me up as a soldier
But I wouldn't know what for
I was the one that told you he loved you
Don't want to go to another war
No, no, no, bah bah bah
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