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Paul McCartney feat. Percy Thrillington - Dear Boy Lyrics

I guess you never knew, dear boy, what you had found,
I guess you never knew, dear boy, that she was just the cutest thing around.
I guess you never knew what you had found, dear boy.

I guess you never saw, dear boy that love was there,
And maybe when you look too hard, dear boy, you never do become aware.
I guess you never did become aware, dear boy.

When I stepped in, my heart was down and out,
But her love came through and brought me round,
Got me up and about.

I hope you never know, dear boy, how much you missed,
And even when you fall in love, dear boy,
It won't be half as good as this

I hope you never know how much you missed,
Dear boy, how much you missed, dear boy
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