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My Morning Jacket - Can You See the Hard Helmet on My Head? Lyrics

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Do you see the hard helmet on my head?
Totally unscarred
Serves protection for my head
But I don't believe everything I read

One that makes them warm
Don't ever lose any of your god-given charm
They believe you were sweet
But you could never pull that one on me

'Cause I still recall in no time at all
You went from being so out of control
To snuffing out the rock that beats

That's why I thought this was so neat
Someplace to go where I felt so all-at-ease
No need to write, no need to call
There's no one to see, there's no you, no me
No need to be anything at all

Blood pours out of the walls
Fills up beside the clothes
In my dresser drawers
Wish I was quicker on the draw
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Written By: JIM JAMES