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Muse - 23 Hours Lyrics

I had to fix the headphones
(Woo woo)
Man this one of them joints it just talk to you, I don't even got say none
It just, yea
You feel it? you feel it
Back again
Play this in the Benz, the Rolla, the Honda, The Rover whatever
Yea, look, alright its beauty in the struggle ugliness in the success
And the Devil in the details so I'm watching my steps
I got business to handle I got a label to rep
And I promise you imma do it way bigger than you expect
People tellin me they impressed with how I progressed
That's what happen when the rookie stay hanging round all the vets
I been in the kitchen just mixing more than a chef
Goin 23 hours straight one more then maybe I'll rest
See how long this lil secret finna be kept
Most slept on scoring 40 off of the bench
Unstepped on its perfect hundred percent
Before I'm dead and gone imma make you pay me respect
I ain't playin but I'm still winning
Still working like the pastor daughter still sinning
Tell me why I am judged against
U dyin to be addressed
I'm sliding behind the tints
I'm thinking different
Moving different
Gym 24/7
A youngin been shooting different
These women talking nastier
And niggas acting faker
This the price you gotta pay for grinding more than pro skaters
I ain't even cut surface I got way more layers
I just pray along this road that devil don't take us
The glitter be gold
Day ones don't change up
And I Get to live the life that most people only make up
Vision been the same since the start
I don't need a pen and pad this shit burn inside of my heart
I was 14 Dreaming bout sold out tours
Then getting back to the Telly groupies giving rewards
I always been a clever individual
Misunderstood couldn't keep me in the institutes
Lauryn hill and Kanye west is who i used to listen to
Talking to the mic only time I feel I'm listened to
Fuck it this where I'm spazzing
Releasing all of my passion
The happy moments the sad ones
The Ugly crying and laughing
Idle times and the action
The comedy and the tragic
The forward steps and the backwards
The life and times of the rapper
Who live what he talking
You don't get that shit often
More rare than Dhop drops I seen it I caught it
All Ive known was the bottom
All my people I got em
It's a shift that u feelin
Tell yo friends and they momma
Yea and I ain't one for the games
I laugh I joke but if it's paper to make
And there's business to handle I got some vocals to lay
I need that Nikkel Plate special and all that shit getting laced
Published By: Lyrics © DistroKid
Written By: Mussie Adiamseged, Nicolas Climons