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Mura Masa feat. Ned Green - A Meeting at an Oak Tree Lyrics

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Are we on?

So, met when we were 16
Eventually broke up when I was 21
I'd come 'round to hers at two or three AM
And climb up the living room window to get to her bedroom window

She said her dad wasn't in
Went into her room, and then about two hours later
When I was inevitably, completely naked
We heard a knock at the door, and she knew it was her dad
And in a sort of, kind of, infant-penguin-waddle
I scraped the trousers back up my legs and put the shoes on
So I left through the entrance, the usual entrance, the window
Still unclothed
Dropped onto the floor while she distracted the father
I ran 'round the corner to a known oak tree
And gave her a call with two instructions
Come as soon as possible
And please bring me a banana

And her dad never knew

Album: R.Y.C

Mura Masa - R.Y.C Album
Album cover for R.Y.C by Mura Masa released in
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Published By: Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Alexander George Edward Crossan, Ned Green