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M.I.A. - MATA LIFE Lyrics

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Feelin' the fuel
And I'm ready and willin'
Energy straight, no need for the drillin'
These days we live in
Yeah, catchin' the feelin'
This is how we dealin'
Hearing the calling
Ways we ripple, crypto drippin'
Ice melt tippin' and the
Climate people trippin'
Fish are all missin'
Livin' and givin'
Switchin' and wishin'
Lessons God keeps spillin'
Boys and girls nappin' and the war's still cappin'
Judge is napping at the war crimes briefing
Bills keep skippin' and the thrill is so grippin'
And the moments are so fleetin'
It's time for some lovin'

Pull in the breath, pullin in we chillin'
Culture gone missin MIAs on a mission
Assange out of prison no rhyme or reason
I'll bright needs light in the garden of Eden
'Cause the gang is mobbin'
And the roads are flickin'?
And the cameras are clickin'
And they try to keep us lock in
Lemme throw the clip in
'Cause I'm gonna chip in
When I found my calling
I think I'm going all in

Five, six, seven
I wanna go for heaven
No famine in Yemen
No farmer in ruin
Wanna get loaded, yeah
Packin and baggin'
Keep them reloading and the paper is folding
Churches are freakin'
And the people are flagging
Tech starts tagging
And they're jumping on the wagon
Say we all the same but
They treat us like we Pagan
And when we type what we want
The internet is laggin'

Enlighten this human
And the kids are all gaming
The future's in training and
I hope you're not blaming
The Mantra keeps saying
Is I'm grateful to be growing
It's sealed and coded
This time I'm not playing
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Published By: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written By: Ilaiyaraaja, Maya Arulpragasam, Troy Baker, Vairamuthu