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Magic! - Time to Go Lyrics

(*Da Bear talking*)
Ha, I'm saying, I been checking you out
You know I'm saying, you looking kinda good
What's happening, you don't do nothing
Without your sister, and your cousin, ha-ha
Whoa, you ain't saying nothing but a word
What's happening, let's do this

What do you say, on a Friday night
When you home, and they say the club packed tonight
(it's time to go)
What do you say, when that song come on
Every thug on the flo', wanna fight
(it's time to go)
What do you say, to that big fine woman
That's giving you the eye, in the club
(it's time to go)
What do you say, when you get her back home
And realize, she ain't giving up nothing
(it's time to go)

Now I see you making moves, go 'head and pop it
And drop it, you got me plotting on digging deep in my pockets
Ain't gon lie you a fool, let me touch it
You look like you need some, rubbing and thugging
I wanna take you, to my hideout
Tell them other motherfuckers they could ride out, we gonna wild out
Let me see if we can make it jiggle, and shake it till it wiggle
Ooh can I touch it, ooh please just a lovely little
You looking fine, in my eyesight
But you'd look better in my bedroom, laying under some sex lights
A freak at all yeah, freaky freaky
Couldn't let that ass pass me, too jazzy and sassy
Too cute and too sexy, gotta get her
And if I leave with her, bet you bet you I'ma hit her
She done heard about me, putting it down
Pound for pound, by far the best in town


Go on twist it, till you dislocated (daaamn)
Y'all help me, cause I just can't take it
Girl body looking like, where she come from
What you been eating on, let a nigga get some
Thorough bread, I just love it when she cut it loose
Instant voodoo, that you do
Make me keep you in my thoughts, for a couple of weeks
Gotta hit that, made a couple calls and, mommy said she with that
Excited as a puppy, got love it was a guppy
Be cool mama, we keeping it buddy-buddy
Ain't no need for getting personal, just keep it on the low
Let me smack it up and flip it, and a brother gotta go
(Oh no), I'm getting horny as hell
Nature rising, I can't control myself
I need a answer pronto, mono-fe-mono
Baby deep, on a down low (ooh)


(*Da Bear talking*)
Look uh, ah-ah, uh look
(it's time to go)
Look, look, look, look, be-Boys
(it's time to go)
Mr. Magic, where you at Lil' D
Come on, uh, uh, uh, uh

It's time to go
Look, it's time to go
It's time to go
Look, look, look, whoa
(it's time to go)

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