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Machine Gun Kelly - WW4 Lyrics

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The zombie apocalypse is not too far away
I think iRobot is real, but I'm kind of afraid to say
Any thoughts in my mind, they want to monitor us
Let's go and find the mainframe and blow the monitor up

I hear too many interviews
From these artists in the news
Speakin' on my name
So this is what we're gonna do
I got ten fingers, choose two
Both hands, fuck you
Ten toes, black boots
Stomp the shit out of you


Okay, here's some rules
Your teachers are full of shit
You don't need to go to school
Life's gonna kick your ass anyway

Hold me under
This frozen ice you call your heart
There's lightning and thunder
The Armageddon's 'bout to start

It's World War 4
It's World War 4

Okay, this was gonna be a song on the album
But I can't sing anything right now so this is the song
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Written By: Nicholas Long, Colson Baker, Travis L. Barker