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Mac Miller - Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along Lyrics

It's the realness
City of the steel where the films is
Bill shit, ballin' like a smaller Josh Childress
I'm in the building, swagger on a million
Ill shit in my bitch pussy like a drill-bit
MILFs get hunted down, pussy age like fine wine
Busy on clock in the dark, hard to find time
Spittin' out iodine, rhymin' on advance
Finna' burn ya, put the magnifying glass to all you ants
It's fire everywhere we go
Nobody watch you anymore like Drew Carey shows
Coming through yo stereo, here to cause the chaos
Bitches throwin' bras on stage, hit em' with paintballs, shit
How'd you make out? Pretty good, got a mansion and a lakehouse
Millions off of PayPal, in the table at the steakhouse
Man, life is brilliant, militant, still the shit, killing off civilians
All these white rappers, I'ma never meet my children
That don't go for everybody, just the obvious ones
I'm on the boat bout' to eat when this tilapia come
I put the cocaine away, I'm drinking coffee a bunch
So what you in it for? Pretty sure it's more than a hunch
Wrote the formula for defeat in the form of ordering such
A warrior, I'm too much, watching porn on a camcorder while I'm ordering lunch
I give you more than enough, what?
The young heavyweight, rapping on detonate
Reading Hemingway, I been a leader, not a lemming, better get it straight
Fuck the system, bitch it's time for prison break
I been a great, shake it, got you falling just for timber's sake
And I ain't Justin Timberlake but I ain't much intimidatin'
Waiting patiently like can't you see, this shit is innovation
Been creating, standing on the roof, I feel the shingles breakin'
I'm just spittin' raps and y'all be single-makin'
Unlock ankle bracelets, paper chasin', in the pussy, procreation
Grand slam, load the bases, in the zone, bring em' home
Been around the globe, done a hundred thousand show
Now I'm in album mode, everything I touch, it turn to valuable
Pittsburgh pile-of-snow, never gave a fuck about a slut
I pile-drive a ho, wild lion tiger flow
Expert rhymer, never will I tire with these Firestone's
Might as well retire, go and find a home
Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing
Written By: Malcolm James McCormick