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Limp Bizkit - Everything Lyrics

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I'm so frustrated
Something's making me so sick inside
Oh, go with your heart, go with your heart
Yeah right

Quit tuggin' me
Oh, just not good enough for you
Lets change
Lets be something we're not
And be something everybody else is

Oh, so much built up inside
It's fucking ridiculous
I don't know, oh I shouldn't
Freak the fuck out on you

I just sit back and laugh
And you want more
You don't have anything
And me, me

I have everything, yeah
I have everything
What more could I ask for
Nothing at all

Why did it have to be this way at the end?
Why did it have to be this way at the end?
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Written By: John Everett Otto, Samuel Robert Rivers, Wesley Louden Borland, William Frederick Durst