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Lil Wayne - Walk Out Lyrics

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And in here is where the heroine boil
And I also got a large pot of cigarette or you, that
Embalmment fluid illiterate are you?
That's OK man I got the medicine for you
I got, I got, I got the infediment for you
Got that vitamin D or UG for your shorty
One window to let the dawn in
Cause we hustle in this bitch midnight to morning
We dump in and pump out
I showed you this window for you to jump out
You on the backyard lawn where a nigga got the ganja growin'
No cats or dogs, rats or snakes, Sam's or Jakes
Round here its all gravy, ham and steak
Mama cookin' that up here have a plate
That's mama Carter she's a basket case
But I make sure her sandwich is a napkins straight
You pic with this picnic and I'm at your face
I say I'm at your throat, this was the carter slam the coke, go
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