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Lil Wayne - Rob Nice Live on the Radio Lyrics

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Yeah, yo, y'all locked in right now with Rob Nice inside of WBITCH radio
Where the W stands for Weezy, baby
I see you out there, playboy
Right now we're goin' to the chatlines
The number to call right now is 1-800-N-YO-BITCH and they lightin' up like crazy
Lets see if we can get somebody on there
Hey, my man, I wanted to know if I'm the fifth caller
The fifth caller? Man, you're caller number three again
And we not giving nothing nothing away, man
You wanna give some shoutouts or somethin'?
No, I don't wanna give no shoutout
I ain't even listen to your music, I wanna win some dro
Some dro?
Well I tell you what, I got some fire for yo ass 500 degrees worth cousin
You gotta ride, bro
Man, fuck y'all, y'all ain't never giving nothin' away, bitch
Fuck ya mama
Well now it's time to go to the eye in the sky lets check traffic with Travis
What's up man?
It's fuckin' hot in this helicopter brother
Need to fix the fuckin' air in this thing
Open up the fuckin' door or something
Oh, we on the air?
Ah, I'm sorry Rob
It's a traffic jam right over on the freeway
A Mexican and a Chinese guy seem to be fighting over a pair of rims
The fuckin' Mexican just cold cocked the fuckin' Chinese guy
It's a beautiful, It's a- fuck this shit Rob
I can't work under conditions like this
It's fuckin' unbearably hot
Shit, the ALT light just came on
I'm gonna fuckin' jump
I can't take it
Fuck no
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Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Dwayne Carter