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Lil Wayne feat. Jae Millz - Poke Her Face Lyrics

Um, She said can fuck me right, I made her fuck her friend
She say don't call her a dike, well thats gay
Haha, I met her on Monday and fucked her all week
Cause every time she leave she come back to the tree
She know I love brain so I treat her like a geek
She love the way I spit so I made the pussy gleek
Wylin' wit my niggas, and I don't give a fuck
So I circle the bitches, we roundin' them up
I treat her like I need her, Im knowin' if I eat her
She gon' tell Quieta, and Quieta like the media
Woopty woo to the bloods, her lipstick match my flag thats swag
Weezy F Baby got nuts that drag
I put em' in your mouth till you choke and gag

I poke her face off and now she faceless
I poke her so much I deserve a bracelet

Young Money!

I poke her face off and now she faceless
And I just gave "Poker Face" a facelift

Chi Town girl, bag match her heels
Her ass hella fake, but it feel real
And it felt great when we had sex
I tore her out the frame, with pics of my ex
From my aspect, I love your assets
I love your mini skirt, that's easy access
Pipe game, never mediocre
So that relationship is over, once I poke her
She said she wanted a tour of the tour bus
So I gave her a tour of the tour bus
It was all us, on the tour bus
And she did all us, on the tour bus
Published By: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Dwayne Carter, Jarvis Mills