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Lil Wayne - Deep Sleep Lyrics

No, no, staying awake
No, no, staying awake

She got a pussy like the Garden of Eden
I tip-toe through the tulips
And I'ma do me, scratch me off my to-do list
I got flies all on my new shit
Loose lips sink the cruise ship
Even gigabyte get their two chip
Havin' a pillow fight with a cute bitch
With a body like a belly dancer
She say you scared of this pussy cat, well if that's a panther
I hope it's pink, I read her mind, yeah I read every chapter
Sit on this dick, feel like you flyin' on a pterodactyl
I ain't got time to play no games
Gimme mind, don't play no games
She say she'll slit me if I'm vain, I said "objection, sustained"
This shouldn't affect my affection
She say she sent from Heaven
That's why all flights were connected
I still use protection, if she's a blessing in disguise
But I swear it's a damn, good disguise, because I can't tell
She wish she had me on lock
But there's so many other niggas doin' time
In her brain cells, damn, uh

No, no, staying awake
Am I sleepin' with the devil?
How the hell should I know

Uh, am I sleepin' with the devil?
How the hell should I know
My heart beat echoes 'cause my insides are hallow
If anyone have a towel, wipe the guilt off of my face
My high's comin' down like my stilts about to break
She tell shit I never heard when I thought I heard it all
Like you perfect but not flawless but you got the perfect flaws
And what goes around, comes around, out a swirly straw
Then she put that shit on me, I feel like some dirty draws
She say "just don't leave me Wayne, 'cause life is short"
I say "I'm touched but baby, pimpin' ain't a contact sport"
She dyed her hair, I asked her "when's the funeral?"
She laughed and said "you crazy," I said "look who's talking"
And Giselle may leave her house without makeup and still be pretty
But I wonder if I leave yo' ass, would I still be shitty?
I pour champagne on her, she put cocaine on mine
And we forget everything and six-six-six nine, alright

No, no, staying awake
How the hell should I know, am I sleepin' with the devil?
How the hell should I know

Oh, how well do I know that I'm sleepin' with the devil
Hot pussy loosie, she be goin' at my neck
But I be shot, puttin' loosie, and I sweat when I'm around her
Regret when I'm around her
Ask me "would I die for her?" I say "dead before designer"
'Cause I see through her flames and she see through my snow
She gon' be singin' the blues, hope she could hit them high notes
Pour me a drink of some few and let me spit on this ho
I told that bitch to be cool, like the temperature low
With yo' fine ass, she tell me "gimme some more"
Like high grass but I just trim it and go, I'm on my nigga shit
I call her wifey, she call me a polygamist
And I swear that pussy taste like Devil's Food Cake
Give me a toothache, I feel like fool's gold on April Fool's Day
But I ain't a fool for love 'cause play with love, you get hurt
Play with pussy, get wet, play with fire, get burn, the roof

No, no, staying awake
Am I sleepin' with the devil? Hell if I know
No, no, staying awake
No, no, staying awake
Published By: Lyrics © warner/chappell music
Written By: Dwayne Carter