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Lil Wayne feat. Big Tymers - Fly Talkin' Lyrics

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Biatch (biatch)
Ladies and Gentleman
We got a young man tonight
That started out with Cash Money and gon' finish with Cash Money
Ya'll know him as (Young Money, motherfucka)
Lil Weezy (Lil Weezy)
Off the heezy (off the heezy)
Fo' sheezy (fo' sheezy)
Better believe me, biatch (better believe me, motherfucka)
And he is five hunnid (Birdman Junior)
Five hunnid (Birdman Junior, nigga)
Five hunnid (Birdman Junior, nigga)
Five hunnid degrees, please (ayy Fresh, you look so)

Aww, that's so lovely nigga, keep pimpin' playa
Ain't that some lovely shit, bitch?
Hold on, ho, don't you touch my tags (it costs too much)
It costs too much, wipe me down, biatch

(Wipe 'em down, wipe 'em down)
Ayy, Weezy (wipe 'em down, wipe 'em down)
My neezy, fo sheezy (wipe 'em down, wipe 'em down)
We keep pimpin', playa
It's five hunnid, motherfucka, get it right nigga
Chrome whips and a bubba
We was just spendin' money, baby
Ah that's all we was doing, nigga, don't get it fucked up
No, it's big pimpin' now, baby

Ayy, I tell you, this summer is on lock, biatch (biatch)

Handlin' business, taking care of baby mamas (Cito, I see you, boy)
Takin' care of bustas, takin' care of pimps (Suga Slim, I see you, boy)
(Jim Casey, you gangsta, I see you, boy)

Oh, I love them hoes (I love them hoes, too)
I love them hoes
I'll pimp a bitch, 500 Degreez nigga, get ya game up

Beamin' in the motherfuckin' club across America, believe it (let it burn, biatch)
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Published By: Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Bryan Christopher Williams, Byron Otto Thomas