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Lenny Kravitz - Is There Any Love in Your Heart Lyrics

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Oooh Yeah
Tell me baby what can't you see
That I'm feeling down
If you open your eyes you'd see

That I'm wearing a frown
You'd think about yourself
If you thought I was dead
Aw yeah

Baby baby you walk around
Like you own this town
You whole life is a fantasy
And I'm playing the clown

You talk behind my back
And spend up all my bread

Is there any love in your heart ooh yeah
Is there any love in your heart ooh

Babe you say I'm the only one
But you're fucking all my friends
Baby all that you care about
Is gucci and Mercedes Benz

You're just the kind that's up on all the latest trends
Is there any love in your heart oo yeah
Is there any love in your heart oo
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