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Lenny Kravitz - Come on and Love Me Lyrics

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I need you and I need love
I need truth and I need God
I don't know just how to say
But I love you anyway
You and I can't be too strong
Come on and love me

With the stars and moon above
Take me in your arms let love
Rule us in our hearts and in our minds
Just come here baby tell me what you feel
What you feel
Oh you and I can't wait for that too long
Oh come on and love me

Lay your body next to mine
You don't have to take off all your clothes ooh
But if the only thing you take off is your mind
You and I goin' have a real good time
Oh you and I can't wait for that too long
Oh come on and love me
Come on and love me

Ooh ho what you feel yeah yeah
Ooh ho what's real
What'cha feel
What'cha fell now
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