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Johnny Cash - Happiness Is You Lyrics

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Way down the mountain I chased a moonbeam
On the beach I built sand castles too
My moonbeams faded my castles tumbled
All of this was meaningless 'cause happiness is you

No more chasing moonbeams or catching falling stars
I know now my pot of gold is anywhere you are
My heart won't miss you my heart goes with you
Loneliness is emptiness but happiness is you

I tried to doubt you and live without you
Tried to deny but I love you like a do
But I realize now and I'll admit it
You'll always be a part of me 'cause happiness is you

No more chasing moonbeams

Album: Happiness Is You

Johnny Cash - Happiness Is You Album
Album cover for Happiness Is You by Johnny Cash released in
Happiness Is You Lyrics
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Written By: J. CARTER, J. CASH