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Iggy Pop - Eat or Be Eaten Lyrics

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I got nothing to eat in this old house
I gotta go out and catch a mouse
I can't be wrong so I gotta be right

It's eat or be eaten

Something's hungry like a hunter
And it's probing like a finger
As the drumbeat keeps things hurrying
That's the part that's so appealing

It's the beat that dominates
Each breath you draw
Each step you take
Strike or be stricken

Eat or be eaten yum yum yum yum
Eat or be eaten

Your skills are highly specialized
But still that girl can magnetize
You sense the hunger in her eyes

It's beat or be beaten

There's no softness in her eyes
A weird dull glint is in her eyes
With a stubborn will to tantalize

Like some cheap devil in disguise
And it's troubling me
Hell it's nervy that's what it is

Eat or be eaten
Beat or be beaten
Strike or be stricken

The night is dark the night is pulp
Tilt back your head and take a gulp
Of air that's screamed a thousand times

The main thing is to victimize
It's just the night for a conquering tribe
Oh, it's just the night for a conquering tribe

Eat or be eaten
Beat or be beaten

Faster than the arrow flies
Or the man who smiles while he lies
It's just the night for a conquering tribe
And the girls are calling in her yellow dress

That girl is calling in a yellow dress
She says eat eat eat here boys
Eat eat eat here boys

And then...
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